Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our new Night Rainbow Girasol

This came in the mail last week...

Ain't it divine?

It's a size 6 (4.6m) Girasol woven wrap called Night Rainbow.
I've been lusting after one since May, when the lovely Brie from Tinoki came and demo'd some different baby carriers at our Maternity Coalition meet. I asked a few times on a Facebook babywearing buy/swap/sell group for one, a size 2 came up, but no, too short. The other week i asked again, and wouldn't you know it?! a day later one became available, and thanks to my constant asking, some other lovely women in the group tagged me, giving me first option to buy! this colourway is highly sought after so it was so awesome of them to do that! So finally last week i paid it off and it arried a few days later, my excitement could not be contained when i saw the van pull up, 'it's here! it's here! my fucking rainbow Girasol is here!' um, so yeah, im a little bit happy.

So i'm going to attempt a 'Wrap of the Week' type thing, where i'll learn and use a new carry each week... or so ;) So, this weeks 'Wrap of the Week' is.....

i think we aced it ;)



  1. More pics! More pics! (I may have a problem LMAO)

  2. you could totally be all nudie under that tie up... do it go on i dare ya

  3. Which swap/buy/trade facebook page did you post on? I'm in search of a night or northern lights gira!